Tuesday, 8 May 2012


How amazing that we have the opportunity to share and love our favourite craft, millinery.  There are so many beautiful hats and too few hours in the day to look at all of the fantastic hats.  Let us be totally constructive in saying some our to our taste and others are not.
This is what the form of art is all about, whether it is good or not so good, it is evoking emotion.  I would rather have a piece that really gives me a raw energy being it good or not good, that is what art is all about.
When giving reason for art, remember it is easier to dismiss something and say you don't like it and go with the sheep and say I don't like it for this, this and this.
What if far more challenging is to stand in a room full of people disliking something and being able to come up with reasons to like or love it with justification.
This year I have told many of my friends that have asked me to vote, to please not ask me.  I support them in every way possible and I think it is amazing that we can see all these beautiful hats, but simply I love all of your work because I can see so many different points of view.  There are so many different mediums being used and the construction is sheer brilliance in some cases.
If I was to vote for one, I would vote for all, so really my vote would be null and void.
I do apologise, but when last year there was another competition was held, I had many milliners call me in some distress that 100s and in some cases 1000s of their images had been viewed with only maybe 20 likes.  This did make some hat makers distraught and feeling un inspired.  This is the last thing that I want to encourage.  The world of fashion and art is the toughest competition in the world I believe and you wear your heart on your sleeve.  I think the talent house competition is wonderful to showcase, but you have to have thick skin.
I don't care how tough you say you are, you would be surprised at who made the phone calls to me last year and I will never let you know as I hold my word close to my heart.
I wish everyone in this competition good luck and if you have not had a breeze through the competition, please do yourself a favour and have a look.  There are some amazing hats and such different points of view.

To view all of talent house, click here and proceed to vote.


  1. Thanks you for your encouragement!!!

  2. Amazing! Great designs!

    Tony Guo from www.hfaccessories.com

  3. thank you for the post of encouragement...so glad you like my entry enough to put it out there for comment...I enjoyed taking part in the Talenthouse comp's, only 2 so far but I hope there will be more as time goes on...I don't know if the nerve racking part is really all about the votes received but rather getting your product out there for all to see and open to comment...regards Jo

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