Monday, 7 May 2012

Cressida Hats and Fascinators

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving emails on the site asking about the price point of millinery and ladies just wishing to attend weddings and days at the races without the couture or bespoke price point of millinery.  Really, when you are purchasing millinery, you are purchasing allot of hand crafted one off pieces of art that are one of a kind.
I have been all over the Etsy store and I have found an affordable and fashionable way to attend wedding and races in a hat without breaking the bank, Cressida Hats and Fascinators.
They come in heaps of colours and different shapes and sizes and there will be something to suit everybody.  These are not Stephen Jones or Philip Treacy, but when you want a price point starting at about $40 and averaging about $100 per hat, this is an easy way to start you millinery wardrobe without breaking the bank.  They are in the UK, but have shipping to Australia and a very good positive rating for quality of service and goods.   Click Here to see Hats by Cressida.

Not everyone can afford the wonderful bespoke and couture pieces, but at least they will be wearing a hat, the whole point of 2012 'Bring back the Hat' to build awareness for hat wearing in this century.

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