Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan lives in the UK, but is always on a flight out to Australia when she sniffs the scent of Australian Spring hitting the air even when she is on the other side of the world.  I love Lisa's distinctive style and love her millinery collection which is very closely guarded for the up and coming Spring Racing Carnival season.  We have the pleasure of having a sneak peek of her collection that will be available in Myer this coming Spring Racing Season.

Lisa after seeing this picture last night, I loved it so much, "Yay, Hat of the Day"
Above, the beautiful Lisa Tan.

Above 3 photos, some of Lisa's 2011 Collection.

Click Here to be directed to Lisa Tan's Millinery site, more exciting news on the way.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Carolyn Unwin

I am loving Carolyn Unwin's work which is distinctive and beautifully made.  Of course I do own a couple of Carloyn's pieces and adore her unique mesh melt.  I adore adore adore Carolyn's handmade flowers that are to die for, they are such stunning splendid blooms.  This site is well worth a look.  Carolyn Unwin, today you are milliner for my 2012 'bring back the hat', Thank you.

Click Here to be directed to Carolyn Unwin's site.

Peter Jago

Today I would like to say, hat of the day, or milliner of the day is Peter Jago.  I love him.  Peter brings so much life character and pizzazz to millinery, it is something to behold.  I love his inspiration and his zest for life, beyond that I think Peter Jago is all together one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and take great pleasure in calling him a friend.  I love you Peter! xxxxx

Previously when I have judged fashions on the field, I have always listened to what Peter Jago has had to say, he has so much experience and guides me to showing me why he loves something and stands up for his choices.

Here are some of Peter's Master pieces.  Click Here

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Susanne Oliver

I love when people get in contact with me with their latest beautiful pieces and creations.
Thank you Susanne Oliver.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Piers Atkinson

Something I love is kitsch and fun millinery.  Piers Atkinson's millinery is still beautifully crafted and makes a wonderful statement, but keeps a great sense of humor.  Love it, I think this must be, hats of the day, Piers Atkinson.

Please note all images are strictly copyright to Piers Atkinson

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Milliners, this is an exciting step in the right direction.

Of course no one is going to know how I voted during the last election and I am very excited to see my favourite holiday of the year, 'Australia Day'.  Our Prime Minister of Australia wore a hat.  Fantastic!
This is getting the message through that wearing a hat is not just fashionable and keeping us protected from the elements.  We are slowly becoming more willing to wear hats.  I personally think this gave a beautiful feminine feel to Julia after seeing her always in Parliament slugging it out with the gentlemen.  Julia, I did have a go during Spring Carnival at Flemington because you were not wearing a hat, and even screamed it for equal love.  But I am a proud Aussie, thinking that this is giving a boost to all our wonderful milliners around Australia.  Is Julia learning from the Queen????

Julia Gillard is not my favourite person, but she is climbing higher in this beautiful hat!

Does anyone know who made it???

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Andre M Baxter

I adore the beautiful Andre, he always makes me feel so good just about hats.  Today, Andre, you are hat or hats of the day.  Love looking at your beautiful Albums.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Arturo Rios

Right now the Aussie Dollar is so fabulous we can shop overseas and get great deals.  I am sure you will recognize a couple of these hats that I have worn today.  Today I think I will dedicate my hat of the day to Arturo Rios.  Love your work. xxxx

Please have a look at the fantastic site and world of Arturo Rios Couture, Click Here.

Anya Caliendo

Something I love about hats is seeing what milliners can come up with, how they get their ideas and what comes from the thought process.  I adore Anya Caliendo Millinery.  Her work and Craftsmanship is so divine.  For anyone who loves hats, this is a one stop shop for hat eye candy.  Take the time to smell the roses and why not put on a hat while doing so.  Anya, thank you so much for sharing your craft with the world.  These images are strictly copyright to Anya Caliendo Millinery.

For more fantastic photos from Anya Caliendo and to get in touch, click here. 
The Beautiful Bolg from Anya, a MUST.  Click here