Friday, 18 May 2012

Alexandra Harper Couture Millinery

Alexandra Harper has a unique outlook on her perspective of millinery and what attracts me is the individuality of every hat.  Alexandra has had 'London Calling', and is off to London to pursue her dream as a milliner.  When purchasing one of Alexandra's hats, you know that it is going to be outstanding and many pieces have been loaned to celebrities in Australia who I cannot name.  Many a stylist rings me at last minute asking for an outstanding piece and they will be delivered with one of Alexandra's hats.
We wish Alexandra every well wish in her en devours of fulfilling her dreams and goals and I remain close to all my Alexandra Harper Millinery Couture hats in my millinery wardrobe.  Milliner of the DAY!

Above are some of my favourite Alexandra Harper hats!

Above are the latest Alexandra Harper collection.

For more details and to purchase, click here.

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