Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kate Jones

Ok, Kate Jones has not only taken my eye for being a brilliant milliner, but also because of the beautiful lines and the medium that she is using in materials being wood.  Runner up in the Stephen Jones talenthouse competition is a wonderful accomplishment, but this art form is in a class of its own.  Being able to make a beautiful hat is one thing, but when you experiment to take it to the next level and can manipulate wood to work into a hat, this is just not talent.  This is hers!  I love it.  Kate Jones, easily milliner of the day.  I have not seen anything like this before and I doubt anyone can replicate anything close to this.  Brilliance! xxxx
Contact Kate Jones via Facebook, click here.


  1. A great post Anna, thank you for promoting the lovely and highly talented Kate, she is a real star rising i just hope more people appreciate that. So it was great when she said yes to be in Hat Works, and the collection is truly wonderful x

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