Friday, 4 May 2012

Behida Dolic Millinery

With my latest passion for fashion being the 1920s, tell me I did not fall of my chair and reach for the nearest felt cloche when looking at all the desirable beauties in Behida Dolic's gorgeous Etsy shop.  With Boardwalk Empire and Great Gatsby just around the corner, we are all in the middle of flapper favoritism, and Winter is just a breath away in Australia.  Ladies of Australia, our dollar is strong and why not purchase one of these beautiful pieces to adorn your face this Winter.  Behida's work is extraordinary and the felt is luscious and sumptuous, I just want to dive into one of them.  These are beautiful works of art that as you know when cared for correctly last for generations so why not 'Bring Back the Hat', and purchase one of these equitably crafted hats.

Please do note the strong copyright and thank you Behida Dolic Millinery for allowing us to share your beautiful hats and share them with the racing and hat loving community.

I NOW HAVE A SWEET LITTLE HAT SHOP IN HUDSON NY! The name of my store is "B's hats" My current shop address is 715 Warren st. 
Dreams do come true :)
If you are in NY city and are up for a day of adventure, Hudson is just a train ride away. Come on by and say hello.

Useful articles of clothing are protected under copyright law to the extent they contain "physically or conceptually separable elements" that are unrelated to their utility, and particularly if components of the article are 'one of a kind' and can be understood as a 'work of art'. The violation of copyright law is a punishable offense, extending to both criminal and civil courts. The hats presented in this shop are protected under copyright law. The use of elements of their design constitutes a violation of this la

Dear hat friends,

If you decide that you would love to have one of my hats, please send me your measurement first so I can make the hat fit you perfectly. This applies to all hat unless they have size stated in the description section below each photo.

My Photographer is Robert Socha:
My sweet and beautiful model is Helena Bianca! Please take a look at her Etsy shop

Thanks for looking!

-Behida Dolic

For all of these magnificent hats please visit Behida's Esty store, here is the link, click here.


  1. Behida has been my most favorite inspiration since I began selling on Etsy nearly four years ago!!! Such beauty and perfection in millinery!!!

  2. Oh, my goodness...these are just gorgeous.