Friday, 30 March 2012

News from "The Hat Factor", via Grazia

Milliner to the stars, Philip Treacy, is currently chez Grazia Towers judging some of the hopefuls in the Grazia Hat Factor, and just as the first entrants were making their way through the doors, we caught up with top milliner Philip Treacy to fin out what he’s looking for while he judges our brand new competition.
‘Talent!’ He says ‘really, and that’s about originality, enthusiasm, technique, design ability, it doesn’t have to be rocket science – [but it’s] that element of something special, really’.
And how does that fit in with all the other excitement this year; notably the 2012 festival, which the winning Hat Factor design will be involved in, in a top secret way... 'Well' he says, 'the project itself is part of the celebration, but I don’t think we’re looking for an Olympic hat, necessarily’.
And as for that OTHER big event this year, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Philip was coyly silent about any role he might play, though he did indicate he’d have SOME involvement, saying that ‘royalty wears hats! Hats are a part of royal.... protocol – they are a part of those dressing up moments, and royalty has more of them.
‘Hats have been kept alive by the royal family, and by her majesty the Queen – because she has kept hats alive in the imagination of people all over the world- they associate hats with her, and with Englishness.’
And in that sense, it’s good to have someone like, Kate Middleton regularly wearing hats with pride, right? ‘Yes, because she is the New Girl… Who everyone wants to look like!’

It’s here! The day of the hotly anticipated Grazia Hat Factor has finally arrived, and we are very, very excited. Almost as excited, in fact, as some of the eager milliners who have been queuing outside Grazia HQ since the almost unfeasibly early hour of 4am. Phewf!
Looking surprisingly fresh-faced, the hopeful hat makers are sussing out the competition, readying their pitches and prepping themselves for their sixty seconds in front of our panel, which includes Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton, Grazia style director Paula Reed, and two of Britain’s most respected milliners, Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy.

The first hopefuls have just started making their way up to the judges room, and we'll be bring you updates from both the judges and the entrants as the day progresses. Good luck everyone!

The above story is from Grazia UK and we are loving every minute of it as we are sure you are going to as well.  Here is the link and I will be keeping you posted, but would this not be totally fabulous to have in Australia so all of our marvelous milliners could show off their craft?  Click Here for Grazia UK

Duchess Katherine, Hat wearer of the year

Love or Loathe Kate Middleton who I think she is fabulous for wearing things twice, wearing her mothers clothes and not to mention hats!  I mean really if the royal family could have done with some help, this girl is like a 'Royal Family' PR dream.
I am so excited that Duchess Katherine is hat wearer of the year as really you rarely see her step out to an important engagement without one.  This is fantastic for milliners everywhere bringing attention to more than just something to keep your head warm, but craftsmanship.  Really when you look at Duchess Katherine with a hat she looks like she is complete and I really feel this in every whelm of fashion, that without a hat, you just are not  adding the cherry on top.
The votes were 90% for Duchess Katherine and a mere 4% for Rachael Zoe, but although Rachael does wear a hat, she is not known for outstanding millinery.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jonathan Howard Hatmaker

As soon as I saw that Jonathan had some new images up from his editorial work I knew I would have to indulge you in hat heaven.  The work and craftsmanship is brilliant and is such a wonderful Australian Talent.  I am so happy with every single one of my 'Jonathan' creations that if I don't feel like one of his hats, I am quite satisfied with one of his beautiful masks.  In a recent Autore pearl campaign, they ditched the dress and had the model naked as the mask took all the attention.   Amazing!!!

Some of these I know you have seen, but they are all fabulous images!