Thursday, 10 May 2012

Philip Treacy at Harrods

What do we love more?  Harrods or Philip Treacy?
Philip Treacy is such a master creator I cannot tell you how in ore I am of his genius.  He is a master craftsman and a gentleman.  His millinery speaks for itself.  The only was I afford one of his hats is when I know my husband has been out for a lunch that lasts about 6 hours and he has no idea what I am really saying when I say, "I purchased a Philip Treacy today" and hope that he does not ask the price.
His reply is "Oh!", hoping I have no idea of how much beer he has consumed.  

The idea of going to 'Harrods' well you are in the fashion hub to begin with, so you don't care about anything else, but then whatever you purchase they have the perfect 'Harrods' bag custom made to that particular item, I was astounded when purchasing a dressage whip, they had a bag especially made for dressage whips.  Love it.

These are Philip Treacy's latest designs for Harrods and they are oh so typically Treacy, divine!

Click Here if you wish to order!

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