Wednesday, 30 May 2012

We All Love Hats

Obviously if you are perusing this site, you have a tender spot for the much under appreciated accessory since hair spray 'The Hat'.  In making this site, I love to see how people transform their love from their hands into a beautiful hat.  In saying that, I want to make it clear that not one person is better than another, we all just have different points of view.  If your heart is in your art it will show.
For example when watching the ABC series, 'Brides of Christ', there was a mother superior who was horrible to all the other nuns, she wanted to be the closest to her god and treated everyone horribly.
I don't see that there is a hat 'GOD', I see brilliant crafts people making amazing art.  You are all fantastic, if it is your first hat on hundredth etc, I am sure you have put the same love into every one.
In saying this I had to share a wonderful site, celebrating hats and the wearing of hats by ana_lee.  We all just love hats and looking at them.  Who cares if people think we are quirky or eccentric?  Who cares what they think and who wants to be normal anyway?

Make sure you check out Ana-lee's site, Click Here,

And here are a few images. xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kate Jones

Ok, Kate Jones has not only taken my eye for being a brilliant milliner, but also because of the beautiful lines and the medium that she is using in materials being wood.  Runner up in the Stephen Jones talenthouse competition is a wonderful accomplishment, but this art form is in a class of its own.  Being able to make a beautiful hat is one thing, but when you experiment to take it to the next level and can manipulate wood to work into a hat, this is just not talent.  This is hers!  I love it.  Kate Jones, easily milliner of the day.  I have not seen anything like this before and I doubt anyone can replicate anything close to this.  Brilliance! xxxx
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The most precious hat in the world!!!!

So tired tonight, not much sleep.  Two very boisterous children.  And mummy with low blood pressure and low iron.  I am blessed to have my son and this is almost 2 years ago when he was in Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  I will never know who knitted this beanie and for those who give their time and love for the Royal Women's hospital, I say thank you on behalf of all that at the time only are looking to their god to pray for the little soul to have strength.  Thank you to my favourite milliners, who I will probably never meet.  This is what I took my son home from hospital in. xxxxxx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sinéad Madden Millinery

Totally in love with Sinead Madden Millinery.
With all eyes on Ascot to see the mighty Aussie Black Caviar, we thought we better focus on the other side of the world with their millinery delights.  Sinead Madden makes the most exquisite hand crafted flowers with attention to detail paramount.  What a delight to showcase such beautiful designs.  Today wonderful Sinead, you are our milliner of the day and just brightening our day a little more with your millinery marvels.  Thank you for your brilliance.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Gabriel Adumitran

Gabriel Adumitan came to my attention today when I saw a beautiful editorial shoot.  So of course I put on my millinery detective hat to take a closer look.  Beautifully crafted pieces with hand dyed and hand make silk flowers.  Simply delicious.  Just what I needed to end the week.  Today Gabriel, you are Milliner of the day, so if you have not worn your hat today, put one on, it will make you feel better! xx

Click Here for the beautiful world of Gabriel Adumitran