Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lisa Xu

Lisa Xu, Is 'Lady of Leisure Millinery', and as I am judging from speaking to most milliners there is not allot of room for counting all your money as you are still surrounded by your beautiful hats and no one is spending.  Don't worry you are not alone!  Being a lady or gentleman of leisure right now is brilliant and you can spend your time making gorgeous hats as Lisa has done.
I first met Lisa when she was taking a class with Louise Macdonald on ribbon origami and hat making and draping.  Since I have seen that Lisa has been off to Wagga for the millinery forum with her hands being taught the creative genius of Eugenie Var Oirschot and other millinery masters.  Here are some of her works and Lisa Can be found of Facebook, Click Here. 

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  1. You can have a hat any time Anna, you are too lovely! SO privileged to have met you and know you, you're a great loving soul x