Saturday, 24 March 2012

Antoinette O Mahony

My beautiful sister from Ireland again has shown her grace and elegance not only in her glorious millinery but in her choice of models.  This is most inspiring not that I take anything away from youth, but sometimes I just love to see all women showcased.  I am blessed to have one of Antoinette's pieces sitting in what I call my prime position of millinery in my home for all to adore in Australia.  This is a haute piece with Antoinette's signature aesthetic is a beauty in it's own right.  Thank you Antoinette for being my milliner of the day, and I give you a special place in my heart, as we have so many late night/early morning emails.  Bless you and your loved ones and we can all now relish your millinery. xxxxx

Click here to be directed to Antoinette's Facebook Page.

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