Saturday, 10 March 2012

Karen Valentine

I was first introduced to the beautiful Karen Valentine about 5 years ago by Dale Olsson from 'The Hat Box' in Brisbane, who is well known as the best 'Fashions on the Field' veteran and competitor around Australia.  Dale always helps out her clients with winning millinery and looks and helps them look a million dollars for that special race day.  More importantly is the stock of amazing milliners that Dale at 'The Hat Box' stocks, including likes of Stephen Jones and our very own Karen Valentine on the Gold Coast.  Today, Karen showed us that her millinery is award winning masterpiece with Mildred Elwood making the trek down from Queensland to a mild Melbourne day to take out the winning sash of ladies, Myer Fashions on the Field.  One of the most coveted titles in Australia during the Autumn Season.  Karen Valentine did have a short break after having her children and now is full back into the swing of things with her amazing pieces being on the heads of many a celebrity in Australia, including Rhonda Burchmore.  Congratulations to not only the beautiful Mildred Elwood in a beautiful Leather Bloom, but Karen Valentine for being the ingenious milliner to make this millinery marvel.  Today my beautiful Karen, you are milliner of the day.  We love you! xxxxx
To purchase Karen Valentine's beautiful millinery, make sure you click here and be in touch with Dale Olsson for your winning head wear.

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