Friday, 30 March 2012

Duchess Katherine, Hat wearer of the year

Love or Loathe Kate Middleton who I think she is fabulous for wearing things twice, wearing her mothers clothes and not to mention hats!  I mean really if the royal family could have done with some help, this girl is like a 'Royal Family' PR dream.
I am so excited that Duchess Katherine is hat wearer of the year as really you rarely see her step out to an important engagement without one.  This is fantastic for milliners everywhere bringing attention to more than just something to keep your head warm, but craftsmanship.  Really when you look at Duchess Katherine with a hat she looks like she is complete and I really feel this in every whelm of fashion, that without a hat, you just are not  adding the cherry on top.
The votes were 90% for Duchess Katherine and a mere 4% for Rachael Zoe, but although Rachael does wear a hat, she is not known for outstanding millinery.

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