Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I am very Scared! Place mats for the table, not the head, PLEASE!!!!!

Everyone knows how much I love millinery, hats and the like, and I love to congratulate people using ingenious materials both organic and non, although getting back to my Steiner School self.  I am getting rid of most of my plastic and getting back to organic basics of wood and wool felt hand crafted toys for my children.  As I spent most of last night with my head in the bathroom very ill trying get over a post operative infection.  I thought I would open up a freedom catalog this morning.  To my disgust as I am in such a foul mood due to being too ill to play with my children and a gaping hole in my stomach, nothing was going to make me happy, especially looking at freedom furniture waste of money printing a catalog then wrapping it in plastic to spoil the planet.  (I know I am becoming very Hippie)
Then I saw, 'DA DA da DAAAA!', More plastic place mats.

I know, it was a fun Kitsch idea that everyone has had a go at, but please do not put these $3.95 creations on anyone's head during Spring Racing Carnival this year.  I know re-cycled fashion is great, but the plastic place mats are not really my favourite millinery moments.

The $3.95 scribble placemat from Freedom Furniture.  Please don't wear it, it is meant for the table and it is a really ugly thing to put on your table in my eyes too!

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