Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Stunning Serena

I adore Serena Lindeman's work and she is also one of Australia's best.  Serena is a teacher at Kangan Institute as well as in her own studio, Serena is a master craftswoman taking up millinery residence in the Nicolas building  (the artistic hub of Melbourne).
In order of loving my hat collection and deciding on one of my most petite yet one of my most delicate pieces, today, I declare Serena Lindeman my Milliner of the day and Hat of the Day.
I ask you, have you worn your hat today???

Serena Lindeman hatting Lindy Klim in a Million Dollar Hat, I was definitely not the first to wear millinery millions. 

I do apologise, you have to turn your computer sideways for this shot.  You do not have vertigo!  This is my favourite Serena Lindeman hat with vintage beading.

Serena Lindeman is also a fantastic teacher so check out her site with classes.  Click Here.

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