Monday, 27 February 2012

Sharon Bainbridge

As we are presently at the end of Summer, that only means one thing in terms of Racing Fashion and that is straw is slowly being packed away until Spring Racing Carnival.  Now is the time to turn our heads to tran seasonal fabrics and our Winter felts.  I loved looking through the collection of Sharon Bainbridge with so many different textures and marvelous shapes.  Sharon has a wonderful Blog so be sure to check it out.  Click Here.
Today Sharon in your neck of the woods you will be getting ready for straw, but looking at your collection, Autumn/Winter in Australia has never looked so exciting.  Today Sharon Bainbridge is milliner of the day.


  1. Wow! I am inspired! I do hope these beauties will be found gracing wonderful occasions.

  2. Thank you that is very kind of you to select me as milliner of the day. Feels like my life flashing before me looking at the collections! Yes Spring all the way here, crocuses are peering out and my class are starting their Summer Collection research tomorrow, so not surprisingly we will look at some of the stunning Australian Spring carnival hats.