Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kim Fletcher

Kim Fletcher is not only a really lovely lady and totally down to earth, she is also one of Melbourne's and Australia's best milliners.  Her looks are championing and always winners and head turners on the fashions on the field circuit, not to mention the well attired at the races.  Recently when chatting to Kim, we were laughing at who had received Christmas cards from whom.  Some had 'Thanks' from Philip Treacy, and I remarked to her, I had a Christmas Card from 'Jesus', (he is our porter).  
Kim then laughed and said "I can do better!"
I said, "God!".
"No, said Kim.  Philip Treacy, Freddie Fox and Stephen Jones."
Yes Kim you trumped up ALL!  ha ha ha.
The ultimate Trifecta of Millinery.

Today Kim Fletcher is our Milliner/Hat of the Day.

Click Here to be directed to Kim Fletcher's site.

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