Sunday, 26 February 2012

Danica Erard

Saturday was Blue Diamond Stakes at Caulfield racecourse and my friend Danica decided to make a wonderful fun piece being a Blue Diamond.  I thought it was fantastic.  This is fun and what wearing hats and millinery is all about.  When speaking to Richard Nylon recently at Magic Millions he did comment that when you wear a hat, you have to expect people to stare.  I could not get over the amount of attention that Danica received.  People were coming from all over to tell her how much they loved her hat and then of course there were some people trying to bring her down with negative comments and innuendo.  Even another milliner said something derogatory about her hat.  We all know how hard it is for milliners to come up with new innovative ideas and really most milliners struggle with their craft.  I applaud Danica for standing tall and enjoying wearing her hat.  Usually people when threatened say nasty things to boost their self esteem.  It is not right.  Think of one of the greatest milliner of our time, Philip Treacy with Beatrice's Hat, I loved it but it must be the most controversial hat ever.  Danica, how wonderful you are feeling what one of the greats are feeling.
To all my beautiful milliners, you are all talented and amazing.  Not everyone is going to love the same thing and we don't have to.  That is what makes us individual, but really negative comments are mean and hurtful.  Danica today, AGAIN, you are my milliner of the day for holding yourself high with others criticizing.  If we were not to try something new we would all still be wearing bonnets and hoops under our skirts.

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