Saturday, 25 February 2012

Juanita Henry

There is something I love beside fantastic millinery is supporting local and Australian Milliners and Designers. Yesterday at Blue Diamond Stakes I had the privilege to wear the beautiful silk leaf made by Juanita Henry.  This hat took my eye during the millinery award during Melbourne Cup Carnival last year and I had been thinking of it ever since.  One of my friends yesterday was feeling fantastic and happy, as I always am and we did not register as we were not looking for a prize, just wanted to strut on stage and showcase a great outfit and hat.  We had a ball.  Thank you Josephine, always happy to have fun.
Juanita is a milliner from Far North Queensland that was mused by the beauty of the tablelands where she lives and took inspiration from the tropical green, appropriately I wore a Michelenko design dress also from Far North Queensland.  Today Juanita, you are my milliner of the day.

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