Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Jane Hemmings Millinery

There is something very serene and romantic about the millinery of Jane Hemming.  Not only is Jane Hemming's Millinery outstanding, the must have of now are collars and Jane makes beautiful couture collars with nonchalant placement of perfection.  Today Jane, you are my milliner of the day, oh, and collars of the day.  Click Here to go to Jane's Facebook page.


  1. The original creators of the collar are www.rewclothing.co.uk please be aware of intellectual property rights.. and copy right infringement

  2. We would like to point out here at REW .. that MS Hemming's has stolen our collar idea from one of our stockists whilst visiting chesterfield ... We have Ms Hemming's on cctv inspecting our designs and is now passing off... which is an infringement of our intellectual property rights..

    Once again the originators of the tassel collar belongs to Rew... The quality of the Rew collar is far superior to the Ms Hemmings rip offs ...

    please go to www.rewclothing.co.uk