Thursday, 19 April 2012

Couture for a Cause

It does not really surprise me that my dear friend Danica Erard is not only giving of her time, her materials, and her heart when on Saturday at Caulfield Racecourse, Danica is setting up Couture for a Cause.  The phenomenon started with Oscar Calvo's Red Ribbon Charity fashion event, where Danica wowed the the party, not to mention up stage some of the hats on stage at a parade.  The purpose was not to upstage, but to simply keep awareness of the cause.
The Red Ribbon took headlines in the next day's paper and was featured in the social pages of Australia's fashion capital 'Melbourne'.
This year, Danica's donation will contribute to the fantastic cause of Breast Cancer Awareness, something close to every woman's heart.   Danica, thank you for you generosity to great causes and charity does not go un-noted, just because you are not e-baying Philip Treacy masterpiece that Princess Beatrice wore, everyone is grateful of your time and heartfelt energy that is in your mindfulness of cause.  Milliner of the day!

Last year, it seemed Danica was ahead of her time, when I decided to wear this perfect Pink Ribbon she gave me to 'Pink Ribbon Day at Caulfield Racecourse'

Danica Erard and myself, for Aids Red Ribbon, Oscar Calvo Fashion Event

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