Friday, 6 April 2012

I was subdued and I still managed to attack one of poor Jonathan's most expensive hats!!!

When in Sydney I always promise to pop in and see all my milliner friends, but I know my dear Jonathan will always answer the door to me.  As promised I wanted to come and view Jonathan Howard (Hatmaker's) beautiful, Autumn/Winter collection and of course I knew my 'Golden Slipper' head wear was placed strategically in the centre front of the shop window with Anna Mott, written all over it!
Little did Jonathan know that even though in a subdued manner I was still on the attack!  I was subdued, I was trying hard not to be excited, but the leather roses, and his petersham ribbon collection had me very excited.
Of course I decided to try on the most expensive piece in store and of course I dismantled the elastic, I know I have to calm down!!!!  Jonathan's work is so exciting and just wait until you get in there to try on a few pieces, but don't break the elastic.  Meanwhile, on course tomorrow of course Jonathan had my Golden Slipper piece ready for me in the window.  You will see, I promise.  xxxx Yeah Yeah, Jonathan milliner of the day, great friend, great guy and it's only because flower your puppy is way too cute! xxxxx

I know, 1/2 of the photos are sideways, but I am just keeping you on your toes, or maybe I just cannot turn them around.  But I tell you, are these hats not so divine????


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