Friday, 22 June 2012

Paris Kyne, 'The Bad Boy of Millinery!'

Is Paris Kyne really the bad boy of the millinery world???

I say not, although I did love interview with him about his latest collection.
Something that Paris Kyne promises is master craft skills and brilliant design, now I will not call him eccentric, I would call it fabulous where he almost is always seen with a hat and love his encrustation head wear.

I have been really disappointed being in FNQ not being to get to the exhibition that is welcoming Melbourne's Elite, (Australia's Fashion Capital) at Crown Promenade Hotel.
Paris's work boasts an array of brilliant wire work and my favourite piece that seems to take over the craw fish, the Mohawk.

That will give us inspiration for the Roman Empire this Spring Carnival.

A big thank you to Paris for putting up his hand to ask can the fascinator please be put to rest. It is not a milliner or hat makers favourite word, in fact, any milliner worth their salt would hate one of their pieces to be called a fascinator. A fascinator exists with a glue gun, a few feather, a piece of elastic with a cheap $5 piece of circle fodder. Let us not even get started on the Hatinator!

Photos are courtesy of Brian Joss and Maurice Lammerts van Bueren.
Clippings courtesy of Paris Kyne from Herald Sun Melbourne.

A fantastic article has been written about the millinery 'Bad Boy', Click Here.

To be in touch with Paris Kyne Master Milliner, Click Here.

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