Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Copyright and Courtesy in Millinery and Design

Constantly reporting about hats on this site and Racing Fashion Australia site is always a pleasure, although something I do not quite find so pleasurable is when people may not forward the courtesy of remarking on the milliner who made such a beautiful piece.
In the art/design/millinery world it is very hard to place copyright as for fashion/patterns etc, there are no copyright. It is a matter of having Trademark lead the way and this is something that is fought in courts with Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel and all those luxury brands that try to protect from inferior copy.
This is where basically we have to leave it up to the discretion of the individual to see whether the have the scruples to credit another persons work.

I have had difficulties in the past myself not knowing who someone’s work was or getting it mixed up.

When undertaking a course with Louise Macdonald who is a brilliant teacher as well as a lovely lady who makes outstanding hats, we all perused magazines to gain ideas and shapes etc, Louise strongly recommended that it was not only un ethical to copy, but it is much more exciting to create something of your own.

I apologise if I do not credit all my work on facebook of milliners etc,
But one thing is for sure, if you have others work on your millinery page, I would find it polite for other people to tag the milliner who made the hat.

It is difficult to come up with ideas and we can all take inspiration from others although, when you are passionate about a craft/art/design, you can see someone’s signature work and style.
I am not implying people are copying or taking inspiration too far as it is a fine line. I think it would just be courteous to credit where we can who made the wonderful piece to make our head turn in the first place.

Simple, Tag the milliner/hat maker in the photo.

I have touched on this topic before in my personal blog, click here.

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