Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Melbourne Millinery Rock Stars

Last night Kangan Institute hosted a wonderful Soiree with the title, everything ballet.
How classically wonderful!

Most of the time when I mention milliners to my friends who have no idea of what I do as I just often tell people I am in I.T. people have no idea of what a milliner is or that alone what they do and the construction of a hat.

This is where I love to appreciate and learn more about the craft so I can better speak about it.

Last night at Kangan Institute there were not only a marvelous array of talented up and coming milliners with fantastic perspectives and love for the craft their were also my millinery rock stars, that are my pin up people.  I will just let you know, that I think you are all so wonderfully talented and I really appreciate everything you make and the love of all things hats.  Your brilliance shines through and through.

I cannot wait until Spring and now that I have had a taste, I want to see more and more hats.  All the photos will be online shortly so please stay posted on

Paris 'Mohawk' Kyne

Serena Lindeman

Diane Kilduff and Robin Rivett

Brett Morley

Georgina Conheady

Kim Fletcher

Melissa Jackson

Louise Macdonald 

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  1. Lovely work Paris......looked great sorry was not able to make it as work got in the way.....x