Thursday, 5 July 2012

Aisling Maher Milliner

Something that makes me really excited about what I do is about bringing millinery to so many people and letting people see how accessible it is.  Also when speaking to such Australian Icons in Australian Millinery, I find that some people shy away from big name milliners thinking that they don't have anything in their price range.  The fact is, a milliner can make anything you want for a price that can be affordable.  They are all most approachable.  Most pieces that you see in magazines and stand out pieces are one of pieces that have taken so long to make therefore costing more.
My ambition with this site is yes to bring awareness of hats, but like this article on Aisling Maher, that milliners are people.  You see their face, you see their work.  This immediately makes it more easy to step into a milliners workshop and talk about your ideas.
I love looking at everyone's work all over the world and I keep looking toward Ireland.  Their work is amazing and you have such outstanding talent.
Today I was loving browsing through Aisling's work and loved to share it.  I love the fact that milliners are in photos too and it is not just all about the models.  Everyone loves a hat! xxxxxx

Click Here to be directed to Aisling's Facebook Page.

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