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If You Knew Paris Like I Know Paris, La, La, lala di dah,

To many people when I mention the name 'Paris Kyne' to them, sometimes people give me strange looks, some his most loyal clients (no need to name drop, but many a celebrity, heiress and A List) aghast the amazement of his Millinery and some people have never worn a hat and don't care. But I do. Paris Kyne Master Milliner is currently marking his 25th Year of Millinery.
To many this is a lifetime, a marriage, but rarely in the “One Day your in, the next you are Out!” (Quote Heidi Kulm, Project Runway) Paris has stayed and never been out.
Again nursing a sore back and a sleepless night of children upset with my departure to UK for Royal Ascot, I could not help but think of the remarkable person Paris Kyne is. He is a true gentleman. (OK! I can hear a couple of people scoffing in the background, but I take him as he has always treated me)
When I first met Paris, he had no idea I was in the creation of starting Racing Fashion Australia, today it is read by populations. (I am blessed) I had heard of the Master Milliner and always known of his boutique in Toorak and glimpsed in like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Company, but dared not be seen peaking. I one day was around the corer learning the in and out of history of Fashion on the Australian Racecourse before I was proceeding with the concept. Helen Manuel was showing me her designs as I was going to have an orchestrated 'Launch' as Melbournians do, although I thought why not jump in without the “Hello, I am here” before I even start.
I was trekking up and down the trendiest boutiques, high street stores and chain labels to see where I am leading. It lead to Paris!
I was dressed like a new mum, with soaked milk breast pads (sorry for the not yet mothers and gentlemen) with a 6 week old in a pram and an aching stomach from a c-section.
I came in bewildered and had heard people talk of this illustrious character I had always wanted to meet. I was “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory”, I did not know where to look, at him or the Masterful creations to adorn your head.
We chatted, and I was not talking anything about what I was going to be presenting, just a love of hats. I think I was there for an hour and I did not purchase a thing. He even smiled at my daughter in her pram, (I know what you are thinking, so not Paris) but he was thinking it was an adorable alien that he could not quite get his head around.
Since then I have the honour of not only knowing a Master Milliner of 25 years, but a friend.
Paris is opinionated, he is to the point, dare I say, I have even seen him get claws out. Since befriending Paris, we giggle at my attempts to make a hat and how one looked like a bedazzled cricket box, and anyone who did not know him would have been in tears. I thought it was hilarious.
This is the person he is, a friend who since the growling tiger has been asked to put claws away and file them, he has become complimentary of others work and seeing the great attributes of many Milliners around him. This is a fine quality of this Masterful Milliner.
Coming soon, Racing Fashion TV has an added bonus of my 'gay husband' Paris Kyne Master Milliner and I often wonder what will he wear? Animal, Mineral or Vegetable? Normally all 3.
25 Years and Paris not only still making Masterful Creations with a story behind every piece situating himself in Lt Collins Street Melbourne. He has a showroom at the front and shares his skills as a tutor in his back space. I was blessed enough to be invited to one of his tutorials where he shared his skill, explained technique and aspects of a feather I never thought I would know.
During 25 years you make friends, foes and win and loose, but Paris is considered although tough in his critique wanting his students at Kangan to excel is a pussy cat.
I am blessed to have the privilege to call him a friend and whom my husband thinks is a lovely bloke even though my husband sleeps one side of me while my bedroom adorned with hats, one of Paris's masterpieces sits perched on the other side on my bedside table. (Yes, a strange relationship, lol)
To those who know Paris, may we all Celebrate 25 years of your Millinery Master Marvels and many more years. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure to meet the real man. X

Some of our shenanigans.

Racing Fashion LOVES Paris Kyne Master Milliner

Anna Mott (wearing Hatmaker) with Paris Kyne

Anna Mott with Dale Olsson at Magic Millions, Pregnant at the time wearing Paris Kyne Millinery.  That carnival I won over $10,000 worth of prizes wearing this outfit in of course Paris Kyne Master Millinery

Just another shot where poor photographer Matt Wren had to shoot me in Paris's  Hat Candy Store.
Matt Wren Photography

My dear friend cuts me out of pictures and says, "Yes dear, its all about me." But yes it is Paris and that is why I love it.  I thought it was hilarious. x

Having Fun at launch of dear friend Maurice's Art Exhibition Opening.

Photo Credit to much admired Monty Coles, I love his work
Ha ha, you can see why
Wearing Paris Kyne Master Milliner 'Phoebe'

At the Launch of 'Lust' Exhibition wearing Paris Kyne, with Paris Kyne wearing Paris Kyne.

Our Random Shadows after Spring Carnival Day

Paris Kyne Master Milliner, Philip Treacy 'Beatrice Bow' Inspiration.
Paris Kyne, Master of Wire, marvels Philip Treacy's genius and pays tribute.

Paris Kyne Master Milliner Launch Spring 2012, Anna Mott wearing Black Rose Couture
Photography courtesy Matt Wren

I mean did we really need more Champagne after a day at Spring Racing Carnival?

Yes, it is a complicated relationship, Rambo meets Phoebe.
Photo courtesy Fresh Photography

A demonstration of the heart and generosity that not many people know about.

Caulfield Cup Carnival, Anna Mott wearing Kim Fletcher Millinery Art, with Paris Kyne

Courtesy of Fresh Photography

A great fun guy to be around, when you see him in Racing Fashion TV season 5, you will fall in love with Paris. x

Thank you

Matt Wren

Fresh Photography

Monty Coles, The Loupe

and of course, it is all about him, Paris Kyne Master Milliner

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