Monday, 31 December 2012

2013, The Hat is BACK

In 2012, I took on a mission to bring more awareness of hat wearing  and millinery to more people everywhere.  To most I have been telling everyone who is already converted.  The more I talk to people and the more I look at my family history, it seems that Hatmakers or Milliners were almost definitely somewhere in someones family everywhere.  Darn that Hairspray coming in around the 60s and not only killing our hair but taking away our hats.  Within a year I have discovered that the little site that only has about 43 followers, has a facebook following of 20,000 viewers daily.
2013, is another year of awareness of hat wearing, but because we love it.  Dare to be different, wear a hat all the time.  Many a time when someone sees me without a hat, they do not recognise me.  I love that!
I ask you if you have a story about hats or what you would love to share, please let me know.  Where ever you are for what ever reason.  My mission is to make everyone feel fabulous and you always feel more fabulous in a hat.
I am blessed with my 'Racing Fashion' site which I started 5 years ago now and has had over 338 million hits, 'Racing Fashion TV' is now a cult hit TV show and I cannot believe how many watch it.  I would really like to say Thank you for everyone for 2012.  Personally it has been a very tough year, my hats helped me get through it.
Please send your hatty business to
I want to showcase as many milliners as possible.
In some cases milliners may become competitive, but there is no real reason.  Every time I visit one of my hatmaker or milliner friends  there are going to be hats that I love and not love so much.  It is an expression of each milliner and we are all not the same.  There is no wrong or right it is just a matter of doing what you love and if you make money, you are blessed.

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Here are some Happy Hatty Pictures from 2012 that I have loved.

Pretty Sure this is Philip Treacy, Racing Fashion TV has exclusive interview with Philip Treacy season 5.
Hear how he is copyrighting hats!

Racing Fashion Credits Marie Claire for this image.

Marissa Berenson

Racing Fashion adores Anna, she dons a Hat so well! x

Please stay in contact and have a wonderful 2013.

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